Friday, October 21, 2011

Seasons show

Last week I had what I call a mini-show at a conference for the Seasons Sessions group.  They were mostly ladies from school districts who teach nurses aides.  They were a delightful group starting with Mary, who runs Seasons, all the way to my neighboring vendor Cindy with Scensty. 

Everyone was complimentary and easily accommodated.  I also learned a lot about setting up and running my booth.  I offered choices that gave people input in their finished product.  I made contacts and had a warm, fuzzy feeling when I left the first day.  I had fun. 

Customer, Cynthia Campbell
Everyone wanted these!
On the second day, requiring me to be there at 7:15 a.m., coffee helped get the juices flowing. Jeff was kind enough to take Brendan to school and let Audrey sleep in.  I dashed home while the conference was in session to pick up Audrey.  I held onto the unopened Cinderella movie for the occasion.  She was quiet for the most part and we enjoyed our time together.  Cindy with Scensty had time to come over and discover what I had to offer... and she loved my baubles.  She gushed, actually.  I was positively glowing.  That is until Audrey upchucked on the hotel carpet.  Well, at least it was near time to pack up.  It made for a hasty exit.    

Cindy with Scentsy
The amount of merchandise I sold wasn't staggering, but being face-to-face with people asking me questions about my handcrafted pieces boosted my ego and reconfirmed my conviction to do what I do.  I spent this week lost in enameling and absolutely loving it.  My talent, my creativity all come from The Creator and I am so grateful.