Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello, 2016!

Happy New Year.  I wish for you to have your most productive and prosperous year ever.    I started purging little by little as I learn more about myself and my limits as a creative being.  I can't do all the fun things I encounter at the stores or on-line.  I try.  I buy.  I give away.  I must stop.

Yes, I am upset to mention I have limits, but that means I will be better able to focus on what I started.  Jewelry.  Ah... Jewelry.  Out go three bags of yarn even if it is soft and pretty.  Bye-bye clay. Then there are all the massive frames I planned on turning into earring holders.  I have even had to let go of some things I thought for sure would be successful, like making pendants out of antique 78 records or anagram tiles.  They haven't sold.  No matter how great I think an idea is, I have to face the facts.

I have been watching videos lately on Cratsy (, in particular Barbara Lewis' torch-fired enameling class (
 Iron beads by Barbara Lewis
 I love enameling and haven't really found anything new and interesting until I watched, riveted (to
throw in a jewelry term) while I learned a new technique.  I paused the video more then once to order the supplies so I could start ASAP.  I am OK in the enamel department, but needed the Beading torch tip, long-nosed pliers, (Amazon had the best price on both), the beads Barbara used, and I got the MAPP gass from Lowe's.

I just got all my toys and have lovingly placed them in one spot in preparation for play time. Unfortunately, another obstacle has keep me from starting. The ceiling caved in on my garage studio. Long story. I haven't had the gumption to do the major cleaning until I got excited about the class and the projects floating around in my head. This fire in my belly is why I am purging, why I need to focus, even; shall we say, THE PURPOSE for a cleaning mentally and physically.

So, I renew my ambition to be a successful jewelry artist. Only fear is in the way. Fear isn't a good enough reason anymore.

Warm regards,