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Monday, February 13, 2012

Bow crazy

Audrey's hair is finally growing out from when she cut it short last year.  She has beautiful blond hair that was on its way to being luscious locks of gold until I found the patches of the straw-colored hair all over my bathroom.  Not a proud mommy moment since I am the dope who left the scissors out.  Her golden locks had to be cut into a comb over to cover the fluff that were her bangs.

Since THE CUT, Audrey has been referred to as a boy.  THEM: "Oh, how old is your son?"  ME:  "you mean the one wearing PINK?"  Really, people?  I digress.
Alligator clips
Back to the bow craziness.

The bangs are now in her eyes but I wanted to go with all one length so instead of investing a small fortune in bows, I invested a large fortune in bow making materials.  So much more fun to make my own, exactly as she and I want them. 

Jeff and I happened to be close to Micheals. Serendipity, right? I never miss an opportunity to stop in a craft store and Jeff, I thought, was preoccupied at the book store next door. He found me, so I had .2 seconds to decide on materials. I chose alligator clips and some flowers from scrapbooking.

More expensive but nice.

The next day, Audrey and I made trip to Hobby Lobby and purchased more bow stuff.  Armed with a glue gun, we went to town.  This is so ridiculously easy, all you need is a glue gun, some adornment, and clips.  One tip is to clip the clip onto something plastic while you glue the adornment on or you will glue the clip shut.  Or if you use cardboard, as I did, you get cardboard on the clip, which you can't see but it is still there!

Audrey and I loved this project and even though the bows are getting lost at school, she is wearing them and her hair is out of her eyes for a little bit. We have since been back to the hobby stores and have big, grand flowers from the floral section.  They cover half her head but the are sooo cute.

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