Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Staying Funky

I had a great experience at my first "big" show, Funky Finds.  I spent a lot of time getting my displays ready and they came out wonderfully.  I extremely nervous but confident I would come out of Funky Finds with some money in my pocket and with a wealth of good knowledge about how to run a booth. 

The show was not so prosperous but I am not discouraged.  I had fun.  I made some new acquaintances and I know I needed to have more merchandise.  My friend, Kelly Hinkle, helped me on Saturday and we got to spend time together.  Robbie Jenkins was across the aisle from us with her husband Joe.  They were invaluable at helping me tear down.  Robbie is also on of my biggest fans and I am of her.  She is an artist through and through. 

I still love making jewelry and I will do another (and another and another) show with high hopes.  I will continue to believe in myself and stay Funky.

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