Friday, December 30, 2011

The day before New Year's Eve a.k.a. December 30th

Brendan it is sitting on my lap asking me about the metals on my desk.  "Can I smell it?," he asks.  "Of course!" is my response.  After all, I smell metals myself. On my desk,  I have pieces of a brass planter, which I have cut up and copper from a chafing dish also indelicately dismantled.  I have been on a mission to repurpose metals fashioned for other uses.  Really, are chafing dishes a hot commodity? Since I adore estate sales and a particular local on-line auction house, I am enjoying the hunt. 

As I head into the new year, I reflect on 2011.  I must say that I loved this year.  Not because I was wildly successful in all my endeavors but that I showed up.  While there we discouraging events, they were also opportunities to learn about myself and those around me.  I must say, I prefer wildly successful to lesson learning.  Honestly, who wouldn't.  However, my life is exactly how I have chosen it to be.  I made the choices. I reap the benefits and am responsible for what I show up with.

So, instead of re-learning last year's "lessons", I am going to repurpose them for my wild success!  I must say this aloud to tell myself to keep moving forward with purpose 'cause if I stand still, I will get run over.

I wish you love, peace, and WILD SUCCESS today and always!

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