Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fandango Tuesday

The second child, Audrey, started back to preschool today.  I went and worked out, something I haven't done much of lately, came home, and sanded the new record pendants I cut out last night.  I love having time to myself if I do nothing other than think - in a quiet atmosphere - with no demands.  I was tempted to take a nap it was so relaxing. 

So, I announced the winners of my giveaway on Friday.  Two of the three peeps forfeited by not answering my messages.  Hmmm.  Oh well, life marches on.  The first winner, Robbin, is an friend from when I worked at Southern Kitchen back in the 80's.  That was a wee bit of a wild and crazy time in my life.  Anyway, I am thrilled that she picked the "Enjoy Life" anodized aluminum pendant.  It is a newish product in the jewelry world that takes color very well and is extremely lightweight for those of you with ripped ear lobes. 

So, that is the story for a rather pleasant Tuesday.  The babysitter will be here in 15 minutes.  I get to pack up and go to my weekly jewelry-making class.  I am thinking of making rings tonight.  I love rings and I have some nice rutilated quartz cabachons that are begging to be set and shown off. 

I will announce two more winners tomorrow.  Keep checking your e-mail!

Blessings to you.

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