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Monday, August 15, 2011

Pssst. Giveaway next week.

Ode to New York
What happened to last week?  I saw a woman about beads.  They were plastic.  Ewww.  I bought some glass pearls against my better judgement, but she had taken a bit of time to gather and set up a meet.  However, I needed those beads like a hole in the head. 
Dove.  Rough draft
Butterfly with eyelet
Silver bells

Wood domino with scrapbook paper
and record butterfly
Other side of the domino
This is my favorite so far. Record shoe
with tiny glass beads, an eyelet, and stikles

Jeff and I went to his 25th high school reunion on Saturday night.  I enjoyed talking with the wives for several hours. I certainly enjoyed connecting with new people. I am kinda glad these things only come up every five years.  My 30th will be next year though I am not sure if there will even be a get together.

This week Brendan goes to meet his first grade teacher.  He is so grown up in a little boy way.

Here is where I announce a GIVE AWAY of your choice of the above pendants TBA next week. In order to win, please SUBSCRIBE and LIKE my Facebook page NOW for a double entry!

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