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Friday, August 19, 2011

Get your shoes on.

I know I keep mentioning the fact that Brendan will be off to First Grade on Monday.  He is my first and my little boy with so much confidence that I fear for his feelings.  I know, too motherly/smothering. We met the teacher last night and discovered there are twenty something other little souls in the class.  Will he get lost, misbehave, or get his feeling hurt?  Probably.  But isn't that a part of growing up?

Speaking of feelings getting hurt... I had a moment, actually, a couple of days this week when I was doubting myself and what the heck I am doing making jewelry with all the masses.  Well, I do it because I love it. To. My. Core. I spent many years intoxicated and unable to tap my inner resources, never mind be creative.  When God gave me a chance to renew myself, I stumbled along, but I changed.  I keep changing, which means growing pains.  Which also means I do the work and leave the results up to God.  I must trust God to care for Brendan as he starts big-boy school.  I must trust God to guide me on my journey.  He hasn't let me down, yet.

You know what faith is? Walking through the fear to the other side. I better get my shoes on.

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