Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still hot

Yes, it is still hot with no rain.  So, I decided to turn on the kiln, which is in the garage.  It wasn't that bad 'cause it was already unbearable so 1450 degrees didn't really phase me.  Now, the door handle to the kiln that burned my hand.  However, with all the time to heat the kiln and prepare the copper pieces, by scrubbing them with Comet, I only finished one side of about five pieces.  I do, after all, have two children running around the house. I did turn it on, though.

Tonight, I get to go to my class at Brookhaven. It is an oasis for me.  No interruptions.  I only focus on the people and the jewelry task at hand.  We collaborate on new techniques and share what we are doing. These women are artists and I am so pleased to be a part of the group.  Joining the Tuesday night class was very intimidating for the first year even with knowing two ladies previously from teaching.  Then I found the kiln and enameling.  I have stayed there for at least four semesters and somehow I gained confidence.  I love enameling.  I am enameling with stamps and stencils.  Once again, the possibilities are endless.  My favorite thing about enameling is the fact that a mistake can be transformed into something beautiful. 

What is your favorite creative outlet?  Why?

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