Monday, August 22, 2011

He's off and I'm in.

New OOAK anodized aluminum earrings, VERY lightweight
I dropped Brendan off for his first day about 30 minutes ago, posted the Facebook picture and here I sit.  Audrey is still asleep and here I sit.  Should I be crying about my baby boy happily and confidently walking away from me to the big world of 1st grade?  I think not but there are tears in my eyes none the less.

When I went off to school, I know I sobbed until I was going in to 6th grade.  I was terrified of change.  Okay, I was scared of my own shadow.  I did not seem to possess the ability to talk and interact with people outside my family.  To see Brendan walking away, without looking back at me, does make me proud of Jeff and I for giving him something that allows him the confidence not to be afraid of the next chapter in life.  He said he was excited because he would meet new friends.  What a deal.

So, yesterday, I check my e-mail hungrily awaiting news of whether I am in as vendor for the Funky Finds holiday event in November.  What I got was an invoice for the price of a booth. I'm in, I'm in!  After a couple of "thank you" but "no, thank you's"  I was feeling rejected.  I didn't want to post my rejection, that is no fun, but since I was accepted to a show I can rejoice the good tidings!  And, to tell the truth about how I felt.  You know, it would have been all right had I not gotten in to Funky Finds 'cause God has THE plan and it isn't necessarily what I think is best for me.  It just is.  With that being said, thank you GOD for this opportunity!  May I serve you well. 


  1. oh wow! My son starts kindergarten in like a week and I have no idea how I am going to react to that first day, first week! How do they grow up soooo fast! I swear just yesterday I he was baby.

    hi! Found you on Handmadeology & am your newest follower! :) Hope you can stop by my blog: and follow too! I love networking with other artists!
    have a great day :)

    Des, Mano y Metal.

  2. Congratulations on the show...never quit before the miracle (or the "yes"). I know you will do brilliantly...I love the shot of Brendan heading off to school...and NOT clinging to his momma and crying his eyes out...what a brave young man you and Jeff have raised...I can't imagine you being shy and afraid to talk to glad you overcame that...I love you and I'm glad that Brendan and Audrey have you and Jeff as their role models...heaven knows what they would be life if I were their mother....LOL!! My cats are well, sleep, poop, repeat....